Nishitetsu Inn Kurosaki

The hotel is very close to JR Kurosaki station, about a two-minute walk, and is the only hotel in the Kurosaki area with a large public bath.

Single Room

Double Room

Twin Room


large public bath

bicycles for rent

welcome drink


Q. How do I get from the station to the hotel?

A. Exit Kurosaki Station from the south exit and walk toward Com City on the right, and get off the first floor. Walk along the side of Com City and you will find the front desk of the hotel. If you go down to the first floor from inside Com City, you will need to go outside once.

Q. Is there air conditioning in the room?

A. Each room has air conditioning. Air conditioning can be adjusted by turning a dial located on the bedside table. Since the entire building is under centralized control, it is not possible to set the air conditioning or heating in each room individually. Also, the air conditioning is turned off in the absence of the guest.

Q. Do you have shampoo or rinse?

A. Rooms are equipped with a wall in the bathroom. In the case of large public bath, they are installed in the washing area.